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Mr. Grant
After graduating with a degree in biology from the University of Toronto in 1987 I was a police officer whith the Toronto Police Force for seven years. Having always had an interest in science and math, I naturally gravitated toward technical accident investigation and being a Breathalyzer technician. After leaving the police force, I co-founded two physiotherapy clinics with my wife and still manage her computer and network systems. Since 1993 I have owned and managed a small office building in Bowmanville, Ontario. In 2008, I entered Medaille College, graduating in 2010. Since September 2010, I have been a full time volunteer in a grade 7 classroom, teaching some and learning a lot. I am also a volunteer member of the Canadian Ski Patrol System and patrol at the Brimacombe Ski Resort in Kirby, Ontario. Ski patrollers are an eclectic bunch of people. My own website is my pride and joy and I am always tinkering with it. Adding webquests to my site is its latest evolution.

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