These instructions are good for any test.

  1. READ the test instructions carefully.
  2. READ the questions carefully.
  3. Briefly, read through the entire test before starting. This will get your brain thinking about the questions in advance and you will do better on the test.
  4. You DO NOT have to answer the questions in order. If you are stuck on a question, leave it and go onto the next question. Your brain will continue to work on the skipped question and you will find it easier when you return to it.
  5. Write as neatly as you can. It is really easy to make mistakes when your writing is messy.
  6. Erasing wastes a lot of time and makes your paper look really messy. Simply put one line through the mistake and start over.
  7. Be aware of the time you spend on each question. You should spend more time on higher mark questions and less time on low mark questions.
  8. If you have really messed up, you may answer any question on a piece of 3 ringed lined paper.
  9. When you are done, review and expand your answers if you can. Check for errors.
  10. Be aware of the point value for each question and how much time you spend on each question. Spend more time on questions worth more points.