Forces are interesting. You can't see them, but you can observe their effect on other objects.


Below are 10 questions about forces. Click on the image beside each question to find the answer.

Record your answers in a Microsoft Word document.

You may use copy and paste to copy text from the sites you visit. Where you can't copy and paste, type your answers in your own words.


force 1) What is a force?
fallingobject 2) Some people think that the bigger, or heavier something is, the faster it will fall. Do you think this is true or false? Explain your answer.
forcesinbalance 3) Complete the online activity. When do forces balance?
gravity 4) Gravity acts on us all the time, but what is gravity? What produces a gravitational field?

5) There are four forces associated with flight. What are they?


magnet 6) Do the like poles of a magnet repel or attract? What about unlike poles?
friction 7) Do this online activity. Which surface gives the least friction? And the most?
slippery 8) In this online activity, how does the oil get the roller coaster moving again?
rollercoaster 9) What force keeps people in their seats on the roller coaster even when it goes upside-down?
Newtons 10) What is force measured in? Which famous scientist is this named after?