General Rule of Thumb: There are a number of ways to do the same thing. The steps listed below are one way. You may be able to find other ways by Googling “convert ms word doc to pdf” and “convert pdf to jpg”.


It is possible to convert an MS Word document directly to an image file, but it is not as reliable as converting the Word document first to a Adobe PDF file and then to a JPG (or JPEG) file.


Computer systems vary. What works on one system may work differently on another. When in doubt, Google it. The trick to success is in asking Google the right question.


Why are you doing this?: The reason to convert your MS Word to a PDF and then to a JPG (image file) is so you can post the image of your picture poem onto the class wiki.

1.Open the MS Word document you want to convert.

2.Press CTL-P and select a “printer” that includes “PDF” in its name. (It is likely called "doPDF v 7".) This is not a real printer, rather it is a virtual printer that will convert your Word document to a PDF file.




3. When you then click on the "Print" button, a pop up will ask you to save your document. Click on the "Browse" button and navigate to your Desktop. Save your PDF file to the desktop.




4.Once you have saved your PDF file, go to this site: .

5.In the drop down menu for Step 1, select JPEG as output format.

6.In Step 2, choose your PDF file that you saved to your desktop.

7.In Step 3, Delivery Method, select “Wait for conversion in browser”.

8.Select “Upload and Convert”

9.Once your document has converted, you will see a screen like this:


Word to jpg


10. Click on your file name (in this case it is Doc31.jpg) to download it. If you save it to your Desktop, it will be easier to find later. This is you image file. You can now upload your image file to the class wiki.