Over the past two school years (2010-2011, 2011-2012) I have been a full time volunteer teacher at Vincent Massey P.S. in a grade seven classroom. For the 2011-2012 school year, I worked full time in Mr. Walter’s grade 7 class.

As a volunteer, I have done the following:

·         Plan and deliver the science program.

·         Co-plan and teach lessons in all other areas of the intermediate curriculum.

·         Create and implement student evaluations.

·         Provide extra help to students one on one and in the classroom, before, during and after school.

·         Teach math to the advanced intermediate math students.

·         Communicate with parents

·         Lead students in the creation of online podcasts of novels for use in language class by weaker readers.

·         Assistant coach for junior baseball team in the spring of 2011.

·         Set up, operate and trouble shoot both AV and computer equipment within the school.

·         Create classroom websites for teachers at Vincent Massey using First Class Rapid Web Designer and coach teachers in their use.

Math, science and technology are my strongest interests. I am a self-avowed skeptic and critical thinker and want to help students realize the wonder of the natural world and to examine it cogently. To understand what science is, one must also be aware of what science is not. I read extensively on science, pseudoscience, quackery and skepticism and bring these influences into my science lessons.


·         Recent activities include experimentation with dry ice (changes of state), heat transfer (making pizza), making ice cream (heat in the environment).

·         Running a class science fair.


·         I stress the understanding of the underlying mathematical processes rather than the use of shortcuts.

·         I continually encourage the use of mental calculating strategies to improve student mathematical literacy and student development. 

My strengths:

I am very strong in math and science. One of my hobbies is to study rapid mental calculating techniques.

I have highly developed technology skills including:

·         I have made possible the use of a classroom wiki for students.

·         I provide computer technical support for both teachers and students.

·         I have created a personal website www.MrGrant.Ca and incorporated its use in the classroom and for parent communication.

·         I have created numerous web quests.

·         I am skilled in the use of the SmartBoard.

·         I am skilled in video production and editing and audio visual presentations.

·         I have 20 years business experience in the setup, maintenance and trouble shooting of small computer networks.

·         During the 2011-2012 school year I initiated and ran the Tech Club at Vincent Massey exploring video and Internet technology with a dedicated group of students to create a replica of the Discovery Channel “I Love The Whole World” commercial.

·         I am skilled in the use of Joomla! for website creation.

Technology advances to the classroom environment

As a volunteer, I have supplied for the use of students in the classroom:

·         4 computers to augment the classroom’s 2 desktop machines.

·         A high speed scanner to facilitate making worksheets and handouts available online.

·         LCD  and document projectors

·         6 iPods & 1 iPad

·         Wireless microphone system.

·         Video camera.

·         Kuta Software’s test and worksheet generating programs.

Within the classroom, I have cultivated a handful of students as my AV team and have trained them in the use of this equipment.

Career Experience

·         I was a police officer for seven years specializing in accident reconstruction (the highest level of accident investigation). I was also a Breathalyzer and Intoxilyzer technician.

·         For the past twenty years I have been a managing director / owner of a physiotherapy clinic, responsible for the non-clinical and technological end of the business.

·         For the past nine years I have been a commercial landlord, managing 9,000 square feet of office space.