OctoberHello again! Now that we have delved deeply into learning in our grade 5 classroom, I felt that it was time to let you know what we will be focusing on for the first term.

Please remember if you have any questions concerning this newsletter or anything else to do with your child, you can call me 905-5555 ext 217 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


I would like to thank everyone who came to “Meet the Teacher.” In this letter I have included information that I spoke about at “Meet the Teacher.”


What is Happening in Grade 5?

animated dogHomework Beliefs

Most homework is assigned on a weekly basis. Occasionally there will be extras, or special projects. It is important that parents initial home reading nightly, to ensure your child is meeting the grade 5 reading expectations (25 minutes a night). Please make sure to check your child’s agenda to know what the homework expectations are. Your support in this effort is greatly appreciated. When homework is not completed or handed in I will be sending a note home, either in the agenda or via email.



Language Arts

In grade 5 there are two basic aims. One aim is to encourage, in students, an understanding and appreciation of the significance and artistry of literature. The other aim is to help students understand and appreciate language and use it confidently and competently.

aapencildanceWriting: Throughout the year students will be focusing on the creative and mechanical parts of writing through narrative writing (stories) and functional writing (new articles, reports, projects ect…) This term we are focusing on Narrative and functional writing. We will be learning about planning and writing stories, section by section. For example we will be starting with “What is a Good Beginning?” In addition we will be working on specific creative writing skills such as; elaborated details and suspense. As well we will be focusing on learning and improving writing conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation).



aaboyreadingReading: In grade 5 students will have the opportunity to explore and read a variety of texts and novels. This term in reading we will be focusing on “what good readers do,” and on specific reading strategies to help improve reading skills and comprehension. These strategies will be a focus throughout the year and they include; predicting, visualizing, questioning, connecting, identifying, inferring and evaluating.


math animatedMath

During the first few weeks of school we will be reviewing number concepts and practicing skills learned in previous years. As the month progresses we will be getting into Patterns and Equations. In this unit students will; analyze a number pattern and state the pattern rule; pose and solve problems by applying a patterning strategy; describe a pattern using an expression; interpret a problem and select the best strategy; express a problem as an equation; and create and solve equations using all four operations. Students will be engaged in a variety of math activities throughout the unit practicing number sense, operations and problem solving. By mid-October we should be learning about whole numbers (multiplying and dividing). 



Weird scienceScience

This term in science we will be focusing on the following units; Weather Watch and Classroom Chemistry. 


social20studiesSocial Studies

The focus of Social Studies in grade 5 is CANADA. In grade 5 students will be provided with opportunities to explore how the diversity of stories and experiences, and the vastness of Canada, affect citizenship and identity in the Canadian context. This term students will explore the geographical vastness of Canada and the relationships between the land places and people. As well student will explore and learn how the physical geography and natural resources of Canada affect the quality of life of all Canadians.

During social time we will be having a lot of discussions and working together in large and small groups. As well students will be responsible for special projects as the year progresses.


Other Important Info

Nut FreeOur school is a NUT FREE zone! Please note we have students in grade 5 with severe allergies to nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds

  • Every month the school sends home a newsletter to inform you about what is happening at the school. Please make sure to keep the calendar page!
  • I will be sending out seasonal curriculum news letters
  • I will also be sending out weekly or bi-weekly classroom updates via email (if you would prefer a hard copy, please let me know)
  • Grade 5 library time is on Thursdays starting Sept 16th
  • You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , leave me a voicemail at 905-5555 ext 217 or write a note in your child’s agenda

Thanks Again!

Thanks to all of you who have returned the forms that have flooded your home the last couple of weeks.

Our class is in need of some games, and puzzles. If you have anything you are willing to donate we would appreciate it!

I look forward to the year ahead, working with you and ensuring a successful learning year for your child.

Mr. Grant